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We Offer ITEC-Accredited Courses.

Our Courses

Take the first step towards becoming a massage therapist with our trainings.

Holistic Massage Course

Our Holistic Massage Course teaches essential massage techniques and holistic therapy principles. Ideal for aspiring therapists and professionals, you will confidently perform treatments and promote overall wellness upon completion.

Reflexology Training

Our Reflexology Training covers therapeutic foot, hand, and ear techniques. Ideal for aspiring and professional therapists, you’ll provide effective treatments and enhance overall wellness upon course completion.

Clinical Massage Therapy Course

Our Clinical Massage Therapy Course teaches effective treatments for common rheumatology and orthopedic problems. Ideal for aspiring and professional therapists, you’ll diagnose conditions, set up treatments, and promote overall musculoskeletal health.

Aromatherapy Diploma

Our Aromatherapy Diploma covers 42 essential oils, 19 carrier oils, and their properties. Ideal for aspiring and professional therapists, you’ll master aromatherapy applications, massage techniques, and client care, promoting holistic wellness.

Indian Head Massage Course

Our Indian Head Massage Course covers marma points, Ayurvedic doshas, and essential oils. Ideal for all skill levels, you’ll gain an ITEC award and provide professional, safe treatments. Start enhancing lives today.

Hot Stone Massage Course

Our Hot Stone Massage Course teaches stone massage techniques, contrast therapy, and energy balancing with chakras. Ideal for qualified therapists, you’ll earn an ITEC certificate and provide professional hot and cold stone treatments safely.

Ready to Launch Your Career?

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Massage is the Oldest Tool to Treat the Body with Many Benefits

Physical Benefits:

Reduces spasms

Increases joint flexibility

Releases endorphin
Increased circulation of blood and lymph system
Helps to boost the immune system
Relieves the pain

Mental Benefits:

Fosters peace of mind
Helps relieve mental stress
Eases depression
Fostering a feeling of well-being
Reduces levels of anxiety
Increases body & mind connection