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Hot Stone Massage Course

The Hot Stone Massage Course is a two-day workshop accredited by iTEC. iTEC is a well-known international accreditation body in Ireland.

Hot Stone Massage Course ITEC 3

Hot stone massage is a type of healing massage that involves the use of heated stones to relax muscles and release tension deeply. The stones are typically smooth, flat, and made of basalt rock, which holds heat well. The warmth of the stones also promotes increased circulation and can help to calm the nervous system, making it an effective treatment for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Overall, hot stone massage is a soothing and therapeutic experience that can provide both physical and mental benefits.

This method is a great new skill to add to your existing qualifications or to use as a standalone therapy.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirement for this qualification is to hold Anatomy and Physiology and Professional Conduct and Business Awareness modality.

Level: ITEC 3

Start Date: will be updated soon

Times (… am – … pm):

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  • Hot Stone Massage


  • Hot Stone Massage: 50 MCQ

Price: €350 excluding exam fee

Payment Plan:

  • Full Payment: €350

Course Content

Hot Stone Therapy

Apply techniques such as classical Indian head massage movements.
Use of techniques and stones such as classical massage movements.
Trigger point work.
Hot and cold stones.
Adapting the treatment to meet the client’s specific treatment needs.
Understand the concept of Ayurveda.
Understand the Chakras
Benefits, contraindications.
Communication, feedback & follow up.

What to Bring

Hot stone heater.
Hot stone massage kit (70 stones in total).
Two small towels.

Two bath towels.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

Perform safe, hygienic, and effective Hot Stone treatments professionally.

Get insurance to start your own practice.
Work as an employee with confidence.
Understand and describe the structures and functions of human anatomy and physiology.

Understand the mental and physiological effects of Hot Stone treatment.

Create a safe and appropriate working environment.

Explain the historical and philosophical foundations of Hot Stone treatment.

Understand the ethical, legal, and professional bases for the use of Hot Stone treatment.

Understand professional conduct and business awareness in a complementary therapy context.
Understand the necessity of lifelong learning and professional development.

Opportunities for Progression

Holistic massage

Diploma in Spa and Salon Management

Opportunities for Employment

There are opportunities for Hot Stone Massage therapists to find employment in a variety of areas:

Beauty salons


Cruise ships
Hotels or resorts
Own clinic

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Hot Stone Massage Course - Full Payment

Full Payment: €350

Massage is the Oldest Tool to Treat the Body with Many Benefits

Physical Benefits:

Reduces spasms

Increases joint flexibility

Releases endorphin
Increased circulation of blood and lymph system
Helps to boost the immune system
Relieves the pain

Mental Benefits:

Fosters peace of mind
Helps relieve mental stress
Eases depression
Fostering a feeling of well-being
Reduces levels of anxiety
Increases body & mind connection

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